Stane Retail Park, Colchester

Stane Retail Park, Colchester

This project was very eye-catching on site due to the white paint that was used to prime the steel, composed of 4 retail units and a kiosk frame, which would construct the new 17,000m2 retail park in Colchester. The job involved Nationwide Structures being contracted to the design, manufacture, fabrication and installation of these 5 units. The largest unit built, which was to become a B&Q, consisted of a hipped double-span frame with a mono-pitch higher roof and two other units both incorporated hipped single-span frames. Another unit along with the kiosk consisted of a mono-pitch frame, but the unit’s roof was sloped, which meant that all units together created an interesting mix of structures.

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January 2022


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An image of Stane Retail park under construction with a white structural frame
An image of Stane Retail Park's structural frame in construction showing the steel painted white