RTC + LVV Buildings, Sheffield

RTC + LVV Buildings, Sheffield

This exciting project was built for the purpose of becoming two research centres: Laboratory for Verification and Validation and the Royce Translational Centre for Sheffield University, opening a world of opportunity up for students in order to excel. Both buildings were similar in design, with a subtle single-span frame featuring two mono-pitch roof upstands on top, complete with a mezzanine and the RTC also featuring a plant deck room. Both frames were coated in white paint as large parts of both the steel structures were partially exposed on the interior, giving a clean and modern look to the building.

Project Details


October 2017


Project Gallery

White steel frame in the process of being built in front of a blue sky background, photo taken from the front
A side elevation view of the RTC +LVV building
A close up of the LVV building