Jessops Hospital, Sheffield

Jessops Hospital, Sheffield

We were contracted in early 2019 to carry out the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of a link bridge as an extension of the maternity ward at Jessops hospital in Sheffield. The bridge created an elevated corridor across the exterior of the building and would provide a walkway underneath at ground level. The structure consisted of a fully braced single-span structure running 67m elevated by columns and featured pitched valley roofs at both ends where perpendicular entrances met along with thermal breaks at the connections.

The project was interesting as the bridge stretched over the road, meaning strict road closures were put in place and this, tied with working within a live hospital, made the job tricky. Along with that, a basement sat beneath the building which meant employing a tracked crane that was both small enough to fit on the road and be able to spread the load in order to not press into the basement and potentially cause damage. Despite this, the project took only 3 months on site in total for Nationwide Structures to complete.

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September 2019


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An image of the linkbridge at Jessops Hospital