Ferrari, Leeds

Ferrari, Leeds

Nationwide Structures were contracted to design and complete the structural steelworks for a Ferrari showroom in Leeds. This project was consisted of a new showroom, valet bay and PDI centre which were all separate units primed with Kem-Kromik Alkyd Zinc Phosphate. The PDI centre was equipped with a hipped roof and sat adjacent to the smaller valet bay which featured a sloped mono-pitch roof with a parapet and together totalled 1,250m2. The main showroom itself covered 1,236m2 and has a mono-pitch frame with a first floor covering half the ground floor, ultimately creating an open space at the gable end.

Project Details


July 2021


Project Gallery

A side-view image of the Ferrari structural frame
A full view image of the steel frame in progress at Ferrari in Leeds
An image of the Ferrari construction project